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Hospital In-patient Teen Support Bags

Helping The Community

At the Project GreenHeart Foundation, we are dedicated to stepping up efforts to support teenage TBI patients in acute and rehab settings. Ronan had just celebrated his 12th birthday at the time of his accident and was on his way to becoming a teenager

Making hospital stays for teenage patients and families less scary is no easy feat, but based on our own experience providing teenage survivors with support bags tailored to their needs we know we can facilitate progress in this area and maybe even create some fun along the way :-)

This program is conducted and managed in conjunction with the Child life department at AI. duPont hospital for children. We are always striving to make a difference and to enhance the program.

We invite you to learn more about "what and why" forthe items that are in the bag and lend your support if you can !

In-patient Teen Support Bags: What We Do

What's in each support bag

Carefully chosen items to make a hospital just that little bit brighter

The GreenHeart support bag items have been carefully chosen based on recommendations from Child Life specialists, therapists and also with our own experience with the long-term hospital stay. Here’s what each in-patient teen or brain injury patient receives:

  • A drawstring backpack that can easily fit over the back of a wheelchair or hung in the front of a walker

  • $10 iTunes OR Google Play gift card to buy music, movies or apps to pass the time

  • A wireless Bluetooth speaker -when connected with a mobile phone it can fill the hospital room with therapeutic music

  • Uncle Aaron’s Thinking Putty 

  • Uno cards to stimulate brain healing

  • Plastic tumblers with straws so kids with motor planning issues can easily drink from the straw without having to tilt the cup

  • Quality sport socks with grips, which are mandatory when walking on hospital floors

  • Toothbrush and Chapstick for parched lips

  • Emery boards because nurses are not allowed to clip or file fingernails

  • Adult coloring books and colored pencils for stress relief

  • Stress balls to help improve motor planning and coordination

  • Nail polish just for fun! 

  • Playing cards to stimulate brain activity and pass the time with family and friends

In-patient Teen Support Bags: Portfolio
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