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How to donate to The Project Green Heart Foundation

your contribution is fully tax deductible as we are an IRS tax exempt 501(c)3 organization

We are grateful for the support of all our donors and supporters 

scroll down to determine how best you can contribute to the Project Greenheart Foundation including eligibility for most employer and  corporate matching gift programs

How to Donate: Quote

Donate using PayPal

For your convenience we accept PayPal

Click on the button below to make your contribution

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Send us a check !

some people prefer to send

us their Contributions via check 

Feel free to Mail Donations to :

The Project GreenHeart Foundation

3732 Powder Horn Dr.

Furlong PA18925


All Check donations are tax deductible

Get in Touch with Questions

Volunteer your time

Raising  funds to support our mission and cover the cost of our programs is not the the only way that people can contribute to our organization. We know there are many individuals who can bring skills experience and passion to help deliver on our goals. If you would also like to contribute your expertise, experience and time to PGHF get in touch  - we know there is plenty to do to get the organization off the ground and help us grow!

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Learn about matching gifts

Many employer or corporations often offer a "matching gift" or "matching program" to support employee giving causes. The Project Greenheart foundation is registered on the "Benevity" platform

A “Matching Program” means a Giving Program whereby a Participating Business, or other participant in the Benevity Platform allocates or “matches” Donation Funds to Eligible Charity accounts within the Benevity Platform based on Donor Advice provided by users, on terms, in amounts and on such other conditions as may be established for such Giving Program.

contact your giving and doing or corporate HR/benefits representative or corporate charity team for more information or contact us below to learn more about how to maximize your contribution through corporate 


The Paypal Giving Fund

if you don't have a Paypal account but want to dioante online you can do so through the PayPal giving fund. Donors do not need to enroll with PayPal to donate. Donations made are subject to PayPal's Donor Terms of Service.

There are no fees and no costs to PGHF! and PayPal Giving Fund will provide the receipt for your donation

Click the button below to learn more and donate

How to Donate: Programs
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